Gaines Street Pies

Tallahassee Pizza

Dine-IN - CarryOut - Delivery


Hours and Locations:

Gaines Street:

603 W Gaines St #3



Su-Th 11am-1am
F-Sa 11am-3am

Capital Circle:

1184 Capital Cir NE Suite E



M-Th 11am-10pm
F-Sa 11am-11pm
Su 11am-9pm

Midtown Pies:

1122 Thomasville Rd. #4

(850) 765-4120


M-Th 11am-11pm
F-Sa 11am-3am
Su 11am-9pm

 Gaines Street Pies was created by two local guys who wanted to create the best pizza in Tallahassee. Ingredient by ingredient and recipe by recipe we worked until we found the very best. We started by using fresh ingredients. We got rid of the freezer and microwave and made homemade meatballs, real sliced bacon, fresh made ranch and followed this model for every ingredient on our menu.

We brought in some creative creations and mashed flavors together that have never been seen on pizza before. When we opened and heard all of the feedback, we knew we had a hit. Less than a year later we launched our second location in Midtown. A year after that, we launched our third location. We invite you to come in and try the flavor or a Gaines Street Pie!

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